Our Firm

Pilot Consulting is a firm specializing in dual citizenship and nationality laws of European countries.

Since 2004 we have been presenting our clients worldwide with a personal and highly professional services regarding obtaining EU citizenship through fast-track programs (grant of citizenship) or on the basis of ancestry or ethnicity – an obvious alternative to complex and expensive citizenship-by-investment programs.

Fast-track citizenship and Citizenship by descent programs offer several excellent benefits:

  • Affordable prices. You pay only a small fraction of what you would have paid, had you employed one of the citizenship-by-investment programs.
  • Short terms. The whole procedure – from applying for citizenship to obtaining a passport – can be completed in less then one year, and very often – in less than three to four month.
  • You are not required to reside – permanently or temporarily – in a country of your future citizenship.
  • You do not have to renounce your current citizenship.

Because of the affordability and overall ease of the whole process, every year thousands of people worldwide obtain European citizenship by descent or through fast-track citizenship programs.

At the Pilot Consulting Ltd. we have built a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals, whose knowledge cover national as well as international law, which is of utmost importance in our areas of practice.

We have years of experience in advising and representing international clients. Our entire approach is based on the realization that delivering effective services means, above all, the ability to deliver results.

Every day, individual and business clients worldwide rely on us for advice on international residence and citizenship matters. To see how the combined expertise and global reach of our specialists could also work for you, contact us for further information or to arrange a private consultation.